In the last 100 years, most humans have dramatically changed their way of life, and in a rural-urban relationship, the population is unilaterally flowing into the city. As a result, agriculture as a food production function in the rural area is losing its stakeholders and progressing toward exhaustion and decline.

The challenge here is rural sustainability, where economic aspects dominate. At the same time, due to the exhaustion of the rural area, it has become difficult to maintain water resources such as forests and paddy fields and to maintain a beautiful natural environment (environmental conservation such as biodiversity and natural landscape).

On the other hand, global warming due to an increase in greenhouse gases represented by carbon dioxide and accompanying climate change have become environmental issues.

In response to this situation, we have devised and launched “Carbon Minus Project” aimed at maintaining food production, revitalizing the economy in rural area, preserving the natural environment, and reducing carbon dioxide.

Vegetables produced through this project are “Cool Vege®”. This is a coined term that means “cool” and “cools the earth”. Based on the concept of “Cool Vege®,” we operate as a bridge between the countryside (farmers) and the city (consumers).